I am living in the city center of Luebeck. An island dominated by ancient houses and 5 really big churches. One specialty of living in Luebeck may be the so called „Ganghaus“. These are very tiny houses in second row. The pathway (called „Gang“), to theses houses is usually very narrow and leads thru the main house in front. It is said that in ancient times there was a law, that the entance gate has to be big enough, so that coffins can pass thru. Indeed, it is just wide enough for a bicycle.

The house I am living in has a groud plot of 4,5 x 4,5m. Not big. But it has three levels and no wasted space. My live style is somehow influenced by my interest for Japan. I don’t have a bed, just a futon. This really saves space. Beside that, when I moved in, I was not able to move the bed upstairs. The stairway was too narrow and too step.

I don’t have a wall cupboard; not enough space. I don’t have a suite in the living room. There was no way to get it into the house (beside disassemble it and move it upstairs in tiny pieces). This doesn’t bother me. I have no need for it anyway.

Kitchen and bath room are small and functional. If you live in a Ganghaus you start to reduce everything to the basics. You only have things you really use. You will be surprised how few things are really necessary in a kitchen.

The bathroom is also small, even tiny. It is implemented below the stairs. This concept is very space efficient. And I have a full size bath tub, while all other houses in the Gang only have a shower cubicle. I also succeeded in converting it into a tiny onsen (without the sulfur smell). Last but not least, this is a man’s world. Therefore I have a proper fridge: